Diving and Spearfishing

Diving and Spearfishing
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Scorpena A3 jacket, 9mm XXL

Scorpena A3 jacket, 9mm XXL   The basic wetsuit model in SCORPENA line is now made of ..

235.00€ Maksudeta: 194.21€

Fins Scorpena A XXL

Fins Scorpena A   The classical model of the combined polymer materials Scorpena A now is..

50.90€ Maksudeta: 42.07€

Maska Scorpena B

Maska Scorpena B   Double-glass design with a small inner space. Micrometric adjustment o..

17.90€ Maksudeta: 14.79€

Scorpena A Snorkel

Scorpena A Snorkel   Snorkel of the simple and classic construction.The length and diamet..

10.90€ Maksudeta: 9.01€

Scorpena A jacket, 5 mm L

Scorpena A jacket, 5 mm L   Pattern of the wetsuit SCORPENA B consists of 35 parts and..

0.00€ Maksudeta: 0.00€

Maska Scorpena M

Maska Scorpena M   In addition to predatory design, this mask has all the necessary funct..

0.00€ Maksudeta: 0.00€

Mask Box with cover Red Scorpena

Mask Box with cover Red Scorpena    Convenient box mask protects against potential m..

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Diving, and, Spearfishing